Best SEO Company Mumbai, SEO Service in Delhi, India

Best SEO Company.

What is SEO Company (Search Engine Optimization)?

Search Engine Optimization is the process by which search engines can locate, index, and display your website to

Best SEO Company Mumbai, SEO Service in Delhi, India

people searching for the products or services your company provides. By promoting your online marketing efforts to search engines and helping them find, categorize and rank your website, you will position your business ahead of the competition’s.

SEO utilizes a combination of elements both within and outside of your website’s pages to enhance the visibility of your site, rank higher in search engines, and drive targeted traffic to your website. A successful SEO company will need to be both knowledgeable and experienced due to the many fundamental principles that will enhance your site’s visibility. These principles take time to learn and even more time to utilize the correct way in a real-world environment.

Basic methods we take to optimize your website:

  1. Keyword research.Best SEO Company Mumbai, SEO Service in Delhi, India
  2. Website analysis.
  3. In-depth content Review.
  4. Targeted keywords are discussed with client.
  5. Setup of robots.txt file.
  6. Link popularity research begins.
  7. Link building begins.
  8. Content writing if applicable.
  9. SEO coding is implemented.
  10. Optimization goes live.
  11. Search engine submissions are posted.
  12. Monthly maintenance begins.
  13. Monthly ranking reports.
  14. Re-optimization of pages as needed.
  15. Traffic continues to increase.

Roughly every two weeks the search engines “crawl” most websites on the internet with programs called “spiders”. These spiders look for a number of attributes on each website in order to place the website properly in search results. The attributes these spiders are looking for are:

  • Title Tags: These are located on the top left portion of your browser, they help to identify websites to the spiders.
  • Meta Tags: These are embedded in the code of your website. They act as identifiers to the type of website they are crawling.
  • Inbound Links: These are links from other websites, which allows the search engine spiders to easily travel from site to site, enabling better access for the spiders to categorize a website.
  • Site Map: This is a web page with a link to every other page on a website, which helps to direct the spiders to other pages on a website.
  • Search Engine Friendly Coding: This is web design coding designed specifically with search engine spiders in mind.
  • Unique Content: Duplicate content doesn’t work with search engine spiders. It can make a website difficult to get placed in the search engines. Content that is unique is kind with search engine spiders.
  • Variations in Existing Content: This is to keep a website dynamic, because it is beneficial to refresh the website content. This helps to increase your search engine positioning.
  • Anchor Text: These are links within the content that lead to other pages on your site.`
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